Disco Classes

We have a range of classes to suit everyone, from school age upwards and to adult.

Classes can be quite energetic but fun and great exercise!

All age groups of children and adults can take medal tests and exams if they wish in both Disco and Rock & Roll. This consists of learning a selection of dances choreographed by the teacher. This will include a range of styles including Street, Hip-Hop, Contempory and Slow. Once they have passed these then they will be eligible to take part in the ISTD area and national competitions.

Disco classes are great fun and children can start from school age

The classes are grouped as follows: School Age-8 yrs, 8-11yrs, 11-15yrs, 16+yrs.

Tap Classes

Tap has to be one of the most enjoyable and rhythmic dance styles. Its roots are set in America and now the syllabus of the ISTD reflects this very earthy and rhythmic style, which has had an influence on British theatre for some time.

The classes start at primary level with our 5-8 year olds Tap class. They can then progress through the grades up to intermediate and advanced levels.

Where else can children get away with making a noise but in a Tap class!

We have several adult tap classes also, again from beginner level through to advanced.

We can also offer private tuition to meet your exact needs. Please contact us for more information on private tuition.


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